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Election Results: Brad Wall of the Saskatchewan Party has been re-elected as Premier of Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Party have won a majority government.

Nomination Deadline: October 22, 2011
Provincial Election: November 7, 2011

Currently, the premier of Saskatchewan is Brad Wall of the Saskatchewan Party.

Kindergarten is offered part-day to all five year olds. Pre-K is offered part-day to vulnerable children. Both are provided by school divisions at no cost to the parents. Kindergarten, Pre-kindergarten and regulated child care are under Saskatchewan Education.

Party platforms

Progressive Conservative Party
Leader: Rick Swenson
Party Website

Liberal Party
Leader: Ryan Bater
Party Platform: 2011 Election Platform
"Making the early identification of, and treatment programs for, children with speech and language disorders a priority..."
>>see page 11 of pdf

Saskatchewan Party
Leader: Brad Wall
Party Website
News Release: Premier Announces Plan to Help Parents with Costs of Raising Children
"a Saskatchewan Party government will extend the Active Families Benefit to include all children under 18"
"...will also extend the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) exemption on children's clothing to all children under 18"

New Democratic Party
Leader: Dwain Lingenfelter
Party Platform: A Plan for Saskatchewan's Future
"Make Affordable Child Care a Priority by: ...adding 10,000 new early learning and childcare spaces.... capping fees that licensed childcare facilities (both homes and centres) can charge... Creating a one-stop, online registry for licensed childcare...Providing a refundable tax credit of up to $1,000 to families in which one parent is staying at home to take care of children three years of age and under..."
>> See pp 14 of PDF
"Make Elementary Schools More Responsive to the Needs of Parents and Children by: Funding full-day kindergarten programs and expanding pre-kindergarten education..."
>> See pp 20 of PDF
News Release: NDP health platform includes physician recruitment, primary healthcare clinics
"25 per cent increase in funding support for childhood disabilities programming and equipment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, cerebral palsy, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and other conditions"

Green Party
Leader: Victor Lau
Party Website

NGO positions and campaign materials

Election 2011 Teacher Political Advocacy
Saskatchewan Teachers Federation, Oct 2011

News articles

More child care spaces under Sask Party government: Wall
Global News, 31 Oct 2011

Sask. NDP promises to add 10,000 child care spaces by 2015
The Star Phoenix, 19 Oct 2011

Sask. Party focuses campaign on bottom line
The Star Phoenix, 17 Oct 2011 

Frustrations at Forum
CTV News, 14 Oct 2011 

Resolving child care and housing shortages
Leader-Post, 9 Sept 2011

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