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Northwest Territories

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Sep 21, 2011

Election Results: The winners of each riding are bolded. The premier of the Northwest Territories is still to be determined.
Nomination Deadline: September 9, 2011
Territorial Election: October 3, 2011

The territorial election in the Northwest Territories is different from most other provincial/territorial elections in Canada in that there are no political parties, and the election is held once every four years. The Northwest Territories are run by a Legislative Assembly that functions similarly to a provincial legislature.

Nineteen members elected from nineteen electoral districts make up the Legislative Assembly. These members vote in a secret ballot in order to elect the premier. They operate under a consensus system. In order to become premier, a member of the Legislative Assembly must gain a majority of the votes of the other members. Six Ministers and a Speaker are also elected from the group to become the Executive Council, or the Cabinet. The remaining members still play an important role.

For more information on the Government of the Northwest Territories.

Currently, the premier of the Northwest Territories is Floyd Roland.

Kindergarten in the Northwest Territories are under the Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Kindergarten can be full-day or part-day, and all regulated child care is non-profit.

Candidates by electoral district

Some candidates have provided responses to the Northwest Territories Teacher's Association's candidate questionnaire. These are linked below.

Deh Cho
Michael McLeod
Michael Nadli

Hay River North
Robert Bouchard
Roy (Slim) Courtoreille
Beatrice Emily Lepine

Hay River South
Jane Groenewegen
Response to questions from NWTTA
Marc Miltenberger

Inuvik Boot Lake
Grant Gowans
Candidate Website
Chris Larocque
Alfred Moses
Response to questions from NWTTA
"Any funding that can be allocated to helping children learn and also assist educators with professional development and resources is a priority."
>>See answer to question 2.
Paul Voudrach

Inuvik Twin Lakes
Robert. C. Mcleod

Mackenzie Delta
Taig Connell
Glenna Hansen
Eugene A. Pascal
Joanne Mary Clark
Frederick Blake Jr

Kevin Menicoche
Bertha Norwegian

Jackson Lafferty
Bertha Rabesca Zoe

Eddie T. Dillon
Jackie Jacobson

Rocky E. Norwegian
Norman Yakeleya

Peter Martselos
Jeannie Marie-Jewell
J. Michael Miltenberger
Response to questions from NWTTA

Tu Nedhe
Tom Beaulieu

Frame Lake
Wendy Bisaro
Candidate Platform: Issues
Bernard LeBlanc
Response to questions from NWTTA
Duff Spence
Candidate Platform: Foundations for Positive Change

Great Slave
Glen Abernethy
Candidate Platform: Vision for the 17th Assembly
Response to questions from NWTTA
Patrick Scott
Candidate Platform: My Vision for the NWT
"It's time for an action plan on daycare. Living costs require two working parents. Parents deserve affordable and accessible daycare."
Response to questions from NWTTA

Kam Lake
Victor Mecredi
Dave Ramsay
Darwin Rudkevitch
Bryan Sutherland

Range Lake
Daryl Dolynny
Candidate Platform: Ensuring our Future
"Provide more support to early childhood development programs that encourage educational excellence and help working families with heavy child care costs."
Beaton Mackenzie
Norman Smith
David Wasylciw
Candidate Platform: Let's Do Better

Mark Bogan
Response to questions from NWTTA
Bob Bromley
Candidate Platform: Priorities
"Focus on early childhood development, adequate child care, literacy, lifelong learning and recreation."
Response to questions from NWTTA
"Providing students with great potential through early childhood development prior to education system is the best support at this time."
>>See answer to question 3.

Yellowknife Centre
Robert Hawkins
Candidate Platform: Taking Action
"Here is how I have been taking action on education... to support stable funding options for Daycare Operations... better investment i n Early Childhood Education Programs"
Response to questions from NWTTA

Arlene Hache
Response to questions from NWTTA
"Strategies that ensure children are prepared for school is important as is family support initiatives that address factors that negatively affect children's ability to succeed in school and in life."
>>See answer to question 3.

Yellowknife South
Bob McLeod
Response to questions from NWTTA

NGO positions and campaign materials

Questions to Candidates
Northwest Territories Teacher's Association, 15 Sep 2011

Answers from Candidates
Northwest Territories Teacher's Association, Sep 2011

News articles

Candidates seek voter support in the Nahendeh
The Northern News Services, 22 Sep 2011

Election panel
CBC Radio Discussion, 12 Sep 2011

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