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About the Childcare Resource and Research Unit

The Childcare Resource and Research Unit is a policy research institute with a goal of early childhood education and child care for all --  fundamental  for women’s equality and a right for all children.

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15th International review of leave policies and related research 2019 11 Sep 2019 | International
The International Network on Leave Policies and Research has produced annual reviews since 2005. The reviews are based on Country Notes from each participating country, prepared by members of the network and edited by several of the network’s coordinators.Each Country Note follows a standard format: details of different types of leave;the relationship between leave policy and early childhood education and care policy; recent policy developments; information on take-up of leave.
Comparing the availability of paid parental leave for same-sex and different-sex couples in 34 OECD countries 11 Sep 2019 | International
Expanding on previous cross-country comparisons of parental leave policies, this study published in the Journal of Social Policy examines parental leave policies in 34 OECD countries. The study compares the total duration of paid parental leave available to same-sex and different-sex parent families within a country. The researchers found that same-sex female and different-sex couples receive equal durations of leave in the majority of countries. However, same-sex male couples often receive shorter durations of paid parental leave compared to both different-sex and same-sex female couples.
NYC under three: A plan to make child care affordable for New York City families 11 Sep 2019 | United States
This report, by New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer, analyzes the current landscape for infant and toddler child care in New York City and makes a series of recommendations aimed at making quality child care more affordable and accessible for families with children under three. One of the findings from this report is that a space in a child care center for an infant in New York City costs over $21,000 per year—more than three times as much as in-state tuition at The City University of New York and exceeding median rent in every borough.
Chapter 1: Introduction. Constructions of truth in early childhood education: A history of the present abuse of neurosciences 4 Sep 2019 | International
This book chapter by Michel Vandenbroeck offers a critical look at how the neurosciences are popularised and how brain science is used to make political claims, narrowing the meaning of early childhood education. This chapter offers a critique of what the author terms "abuse" of neurosciences has influenced our understanding of poverty.
La transformation de l’offre de services de garde au Quebec: une breche dans la collectivisation du travail de reproduction sociale? 4 Sep 2019 | Quebec
This research article presents information about the recent changes in child care services in Quebec. Sociologist Sophie Mathieu argues that some of the changes to Quebec family policy lowers the collectivization of social reproductive work.

Many social programs support families, but child care is the backbone of them all.

— National Council of Welfare, Preschool Children: Promises to Keep , 1999

Why good child care?


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