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About the Childcare Resource and Research Unit

The Childcare Resource and Research Unit is a policy research institute with a goal of early childhood education and child care for all --  fundamental  for women’s equality and a right for all children.

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Overcoming segmentation in social policy? Comparing new early education and childcare efforts in Costa Rica and Uruguay 16 Jan 2019 | Latin America and the Carribean
This article addresses segmentation (targeting) and universality in ECEC policy architectures and processes in Costa Rica and Uruguay. In both these two countries in which ECEC was historically segmented, universalism was promoted beginning in the early 2000s. However, Uruguayan authorities designed an explicit strategy to achieve it, with a National Care Plan in Uruguay that used the principle of "progressive universality" to advance more decisively towards unification, while Costa Rica’s policymakers embraced a targeted approach. The article analyzes approaches to universality in ECEC, government structures, ideologies and levers for achieving it.
Precarious work, precarious lives: How policy can create more security 16 Jan 2019 | Europe
Childcare is one of the major policy areas (employment protection, social protection, health, and housing were also named) that this report on precarious work in Ireland identified for policy interventions. The report recommends public, sustainable funding of childcare services by providing direct capitation grants, and educators' wages being paid directly by the State.
Holiday childcare survey 2018 16 Jan 2019 | Europe
This report is the seventeenth annual Holiday Childcare Survey. It is based on surveys from local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales, which were returned to Family and Childcare Trust between April and June 2018. Key findings from this iteration include a four percent rise in the cost of holiday care since 2017 and a lack of local authority care provision resulting in access issues for parents.
An up-to-date joint labor supply and child care choice model 16 Jan 2019 | International
This 2018 paper outlines and estimates a joint labor supply and child care choice model in Norway. This model takes account of new child care characteristics in the country including more emphasis on centre-based care and fathers taking a more central role in early childhood care. The model points to current and future modeling directions for several other economies in addition to Norway.
Why we need to fix Canada's new measure of poverty 16 Jan 2019 | Canada
The federal government has dedicated itself to creating the country’s first official poverty line, based on the market basket measure(MBM). This article shows how the new tool for measuring poverty is flawed, failing to acknowledge key factors as child care fees. The author asserts that without child care in the MBM basket, our national picture of poverty does not include a basic need that for many households is second only to rent as the highest expense.

Many social programs support families, but child care is the backbone of them all.

— National Council of Welfare, Preschool Children: Promises to Keep , 1999

Why good child care?


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