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Frustrations at Forum

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CTV Saskatchewan
Publication Date: 
14 Oct 2011



Frustration with recent contract negotiations was obvious at an election forum organized by the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation in Saskatoon.


One called the process de-humanizing.

"To hear people, government, say people should send their daycare bills to us....disrespects what I do in day," Dawnete Brett told the forum.

The NDP's Cam Broten said he's not surprised.

"I very clearly heard from teachers they do not feel respected, and they do not feel valued," he told the forum.

However, Donna Harpauer, Minister of Education, said there was nothing wrong with what was said by the organization representing school boards.

"It was not, in my mind, dehumanizing. I believe it was factual. How the public responded, I can't say," said Harpauer.

Both the Liberals and NDP also called for more funding for school systems, while Harphauer said they have already received significant increases.

-reprinted from CTV News


Entered Date: 
14 Oct 2011
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