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Women's March on Washington

Event date: 
21 Jan 2017 - 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Dear Hillary, dear Bernie: Can Canada hitch a ride on your childcare coat-tails?

May 19, 2016 by Martha Friendly

As a dual citizen who dutifully votes in US presidential elections, I’m bowled over by the profusion of childcare commitments, comments and analyses emanating from south of the border. Childcare is quite the election issue in the US, taking up much more space in this election campaign than in any other I remember.  Canadian women and families—faced with our own unrelenting struggle for quality, affordable childcare here in the True North Strong and Free—should take note.   

Alternative policy designs and the socio-political construction of childcare

Rigby, Elizabeth; Tarrant, Kate & Neuman, Michelle J.
Publication Date: 
1 Jun 2007
Entered Date: 
20 Apr 2016

Conflictual and cooperative childcare politics in Canada

Langford, Rachel; Prentice, Susan; Richardson, Brooke & Albanese, Patrizia
Publication Date: 
15 Jan 2016
Entered Date: 
20 Jan 2016

Prominent Canadian women urge Trudeau to ensure gender parity in the Senate

Chignall, Selina
Publication Date: 
22 Dec 2015
Entered Date: 
6 Jan 2016
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