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Voices for childcare

Voices for child care

The Government of Canada, even in difficult circumstances, will find the resources necessary to do our share in making a child care program a national reality.

— Brian Mulroney, 1987

So you can come with this book in front of me every week after I'm the Prime Minister, and say where are you with your promises, M. Chrétien?

— Jean Chrétien, launching the Red Book, 1993

Quality, accessible child care is an economic advantage for Canada...The objective of the Liberal policy on child care is to create genuine choices for parents. A Liberal government, working with the provinces, will implement a realistic and fiscally responsible program to increase the number of child care spaces in Canada.

— Liberal Party of Canada, The Red Book, 1993

All children have the right to high quality care. ...Canada's child care system has unacceptable gaps due to problems with quality, availability, and affordability. The negative effects of poor quality child care and the positive effects of high quality child care gave an impact on children regardless of social class. Access to affordable, high quality child care and early childhood education services should be accessible to all, with parents paying fees on a sliding scale based on their ability to pay.

— National Forum on Health, Canada health action: Building on the legacy, 1997

Signatories should take appropriate measures to encourage the provision of the necessary supporting services to enable parents to combine family obligations with work responsibilities and participate in public life, in particular through promoting the establishment and development of a network of child care facilities.

— United Nations, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, 1982

There is no question today as to the necessity of arranging for the administration of all preschool education (including nursery school and full day programs) under the proper educational authorities - local for immediate and direct responsibility, provincial for supervision, inspection and research, and federal for subsidy and control.

— William Blatz, founder of the Institute of Child Study, 1942

There is a growing consensus that child care and early education are inseparable.

— Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF, 1999

[modern families] need help to survive...effective child protection, universal access to health care, affordable child care, first-rate primary and secondary education - these are the building blocks of the protective arch that society must raise over its families. This institutional arch doesn't come cheap but those exponents of family values who won't stump up for it are just engaging in cheap talk.

— Michael Ignatieff, "The Rights Revolution", 2000
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