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Voices for childcare

Voices for child care

My biggest regret is that we weren't able to get agreement on a child care program. I think still that that is one of the gaps or vacuums in our social structure because it relates so clearly to the fact that families need to have better care for their children... that parents both are working and need to have that support....I still think that we should revisit the child care issue.

— Lloyd Axworthy, former Minister of Human Resources Development Canada , speaking on CBC's The House on the occasion of his retirement from federal politics, 2000

... investment in the development and care of our youngest children is the most fundamental form of good leadership.

— Carol Bellamy, then-Executive Director of UNICEF, "The state of the world's children", 2001

Children and families in poverty can and do benefit while they participate in Head Start. To change lives, however, broader social changes are required. Children need health care and adequte nutrition for life, strong families, safe environments, good schools, child care and positive role models if they are to develop optimally. No matter how much policy makers would like to believe otherwise, early intervention cannot overcome the risks associated with poverty.

— Edward Zigler, from "Project Head Start: A legacy on the war on poverty", 1979

That is why investing in people means early childhood development. For the care and nurturing our children receive in their earliest years is critical in ensuring that they arrive at school ready to learn....

— Paul Martin , speech to the Toronto Board of Trade, September 14, 2000

We are suggesting that society needs to focus its efforts and resources...Then and only then can we be confident that the next generation of children will have the good early childhood experiences that will enable them to achieve - for themselves and for society - their potential for personal success and for both human and economic productivity.

— Paul Steinhauer M.D., Chair of Voices for Children, 1996

Let there be no doubt: assisting families is not only the smart thing to do, it is the right thing to do

— Paul Martin, Budget Speech, 2000

A state and a society based on the social investment principle is one where...the caring role of the family is valued and supported by strong community institutions, thoughtful public policies and family-friendly work arrangements. Families wish to take responsibility for the healthy development of their children, but they cannot do this alone. Governments and corporations must provide access to robust education, health, community services, flexible working hours, good quality child care and parental leave....

— The Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, Final Report on Social Cohesion, 1999

Social change and most notably the high levels of women in the workforce means that parents are increasingly looking for help with childrearing and seeking solutions outside the family...but in this field it is not enough to provide a lot of facilities; you have to make sure they are good...the crèche is not only offering care but is a place that truly contributes to the development of your child.

— Jacques Chirac, then-Mayor of Paris, 1986

This government sees early childhood care and education as having priority among its social policies...The care and education received by and given to a young child is crucial to her or his development. Crucial, not just to the individual but to the society in which they will grow up and become adults.

— David Lange, then-Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1988

...First let it be understood that this country [the US] has long had a serious child care problem never adequately met. Now the industrial upheaval of war is blowing up the child care problem to the proportions of an enormous and thinly stretched balloon...

— The Saturday Evening Post, Editorial, 1943

Many thought they were purely a war emergency measure. A few of us had an inkling that they were a need which was constantly with us but one that we had neglected to face in the past.

— Eleanor Roosevelt, on the closure of the war-time child care centres in the US, 1945

A good nursery is expensive to operate; a poor one is lucrative for the owner.

— Elsie Stapleford, then-Director of the Ontario Day Nurseries Branch, 1976

Canada shall, under a Progressive Conservative government, have an effective national system of child care.

— Brian Mulroney, then - Leader of the Progressive Conservatives, 1984

Child care is the ramp that provides equal access to the workplace for mothers.

— Judge Rosalie Abella, Royal Commission on Equality in Employment, 1984

...we need a national child care program, not just studies...we have studies coming out of our ears; let us have a little action.

— John Turner , then - Leader of the Federal Liberals, 1986
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