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The price of motherhood: Women and part-time work (UK)
By Alakeson, Vidhya
SOURCE: Resolution Foundation, 9 Feb 2012

Pay matters: The positive economic impacts of paid family leave for families, businesses and the public (US)
By Houser, Linda & Vartanian, Thomas P.
SOURCE: Rutgers Center for Women and Work, 19 Jan 2012

The missing million: The potential for female employment to raise living standards in low to middle income Britain (UK)
By Plunkett, James
SOURCE: Resolution Foundation, 10 Dec 2011

Women's voices: Report from consultations on factors influencing women's decisions on work-force attachment, including tax and transfers (AU)
By Coleman, Marie & Hodgson, Helen
SOURCE: Equality Rights Alliance, 21 Sep 2011

One million women unemployed, a quarter unemployed long-term (UK)
SOURCE: Institute of Public Policy Research, 7 Aug 2011

Child care matters: Building economic security for low income women (US)
SOURCE: Women's Economic Security Campaign, 3 Aug 2011

State child care assistance policies 2011: Reduced support for families in challenging times (US)
By Schulman, Karen & Blank, Helen
SOURCE: National Women's Law Centre, 11 Oct 2011

The fatherhood report 2010-11 The fairness in families index (UK)
SOURCE: Fatherhood Institute, 1 Dec 2010

Gender brief (International)
SOURCE: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 4 Mar 2010

Child care: Work place and economic development supports (US)
By Warner, Mildred
SOURCE: Linking Economic Development and Child Care Project at Cornell University, 16 Sep 2010



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