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$ On our way to affordable child care

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Community plan for public system of integrated early care & learning
Coalition of child care advocates of BC & Early childhood educators of BC
Publication Date: 
1 Feb 2019

EXCERPTS from the introduction

The Plan evolves through community dialogue and reflection

In 2010, CCCABC and ECEBC initiated an extensive engagement and consultation process about our emerging plan. This included an online survey, written responses, community presentations, and visits to communities across BC. The Plan we released in 2011 was stronger as a result of this broad-based input and clearly resonated with diverse communities and sectors. The message was clear. While communities were doing the best they could to innovate and meet community needs — system change was required.

The $10aDay Plan charts the way to build the system and make quality affordable services the common daily experience for children and families across British Columbia.

Since its initial release, we continue to actively engage in community dialogue and visits, with new editions
to re ect changing contexts. As of today, the Plan has the support8 of 51 local governments, 31 school districts, community organizations, unions, businesses and individuals representing more than 2 million British Columbians.

As government continues to implement the Plan and to work with British Columbians to build the system BC needs, we will reflect on the emerging successes, lessons and challenges.

The Plan builds on well-established evidence

An ever-expanding body of research clearly demonstrates that:

  • Public spending on the early years is a wise social and economic investment;

  • Quality child care is early learning;

  • High quality early years programs promote healthy development;

  • Children and families need, and have a right to, quality early care and learning; and

  • Sound public policy builds universal systems that meet the diverse needs of today’s families.

Entered Date: 
1 May 2019
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