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Report of the Task Force on Child Care

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Cooke, Katie; London, Jack; Edwards, Renne & Rose-Lizee, Ruth
Publication Date: 
8 Mar 1986

This reproduction of the Report of the Task Force on Child Care (1986) is a scan made by the Childcare Resource and Research Unit from an original copy of this out-of-print government report. The reproduction is exclusively for non-commercial use and confirms to the definition on the Government of Canada website for which permission is not required. The reproduction is a copy of an official work published by the Government of Canada; this reproduction has not been produced in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the Government of Canada. 


On March 8, 1986, federal Minister Responsible for the Status of Women released Canada's most comprehensive examination to date of "the need for child care and parental leave in Canada", the Report of the Task Force on Child Care. The 400+ page report analyzed the "adequacy of current systems" and made 53 recommendations on the "federal government's role in the development of a national system of quality child care" and parental leave. Its overarching recommendation was the development of “complementary systems of child care and parental leave as comprehensive, accessible and competent as health care and education systems”.

The Task Force's report has never been digitized, so has been difficult for scholars, policy makers and advocates to access. To mark International Women's Day 2019, the Childcare Resource and Research unit has released a digitized copy of the report. 

Entered Date: 
4 Dec 2018
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