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Minds matter: The impact of working in the early years sector on practitioners' mental health and wellbeing

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Pre-school Learning Alliance
Publication Date: 
4 Jun 2018

New report focusing on the mental health and stress experienced by early years practitioners in England is the outcome of a survey of over 2,000 participants. Results reveal in the authors' own words, "an incredibly concerning picture of the future of the early years sector" (Pre-school Learning Alliance, 2018, p.16), with one in four considering leaving the sector. Recommendations are many; significantly greater public funding to reduce the strain now placed on individuals and organizations is reiterated on several ocassions.

Key findings include...

  • 57% of early years practitioners say they have suffered from anxiety as a result of their work
  • 26% have experienced depression
  • 45% say that work-related stress or mental health difficulties have impacted on their performance at work
  • 23% have taken time off as a result of work-related stress or mental health issues

    The main sources of stress reported by respondents included high workloads, particularly paperwork and administration, financial pressure and low pay.

Entered Date: 
6 Jun 2018
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