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What place for ‘care’ in early childhood policy?

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Moss, Peter
Publication Date: 
1 Nov 2017



In this chapter, the place of ‘care' in early childhood policy is considered, in particular in formal early childhood services. The chapter starts with the uncertain and uneasy relationship between ‘education' and ‘care' found today in many countries, starting with a historical split within early childhood services, a split that has bequeathed a dysfunctional legacy to the present day. It then discusses what it would mean to get completely beyond this split, to achieve a fully integrated early childhood service, illustrating a successful transition (the case of Sweden), and contrasting it with the case of England, where a movement towards integration stalled, leaving a fault line between care and education that has been only partially bridged. The chapter finishes by offering, tentatively and as a basis for discussion, four policy points that address the question framing this chapter: What place for ‘care' in early childhood policy?

Early childhood services; care; education; split and integrated systems; childcare for working parents; ethics of care

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29 Nov 2017
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