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The Social Union Framework Agreement: Issues in Canadian policy making

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Publication Date: 
30 Nov 1999

The Social Union Framework Agreement (SUFA) was signed by the federal and provincial governments (except Québec) in February 1999 creating a new framework for social policy making. In addition to setting the rules for how the federal and provincial governments should work, (it requires the consent of a majority of provinces to initiate a new program in an area of provincial jurisdiction like child care), the Agreement also lays out principles of equity and fairness in social programs; codifies rules for the federal spending power; and promises collaboration, accountability and transparency.

SUFA's last clause promises a review at the end of three years (to include the participation of "social policy experts".) As SUFA's initial three years came to an end on February 4, 2002, an examination of its effectiveness and impact on Canadian social policy -- especially as it relates to early childhood care and education policy -- is imperative.

Entered Date: 
2 Feb 2002
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