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Ontario’s three-day notice for child-care reopening is a slap in the face for providers, children and their families

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Mohamed, Sophia
Publication Date: 
18 Jun 2020


Everyone knows someone who knows someone who depends on child care. As parts of Ontario enter stage two of the economic recovery plan, the plan for child care is almost non-existent and full of empty words. Premier Doug Ford’s government has reminded Ontarians that he continues to fail families.

A three-day window for providers to get ready to re-open, so parents and families can get back to work, is a slap in the face to educators and service providers across the province.

Childcare centres are not simple “dumping grounds” for children while parents go back to work. What the province is asking of providers is going to take time, real collaboration and funding.

Our children deserve more than to be treated like cattle being herded, educators deserve better and families across Ontario deserver better.

Entered Date: 
22 Jun 2020
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