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Editorial: Call it childcare

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The Kings County Register
Publication Date: 
31 Oct 2013



Naturally, many sectors are standing in line at the collective doors of the new provincial government with hat in hand. No doubt childcare sector workers, developmental aid providers and parents will be taking their turn.

The creation of the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development by the previous NDP government was a historic development in terms of early childhood development and learning. There was a new awareness of the vital importance of the early years.

That did not translate, unfortunately, into the cash contribution that is required, but a critical change in philosophy on the part of the provincial government was a positive step forward.

Moving early childhood education and care from the Department of Community Services to the Department of Education was placing the sector where it belonged. However, needed funding for groups of who provide early intervention, like the Valley Child Development Association, still needs beefing up and this province continues to hold the unenviable position of having the lowest paid child care workers in the country.

Nova Scotia needs to embrace the principles of quality, universal accessibility and inclusivity. All of Nova Scotia's children and families would have access to affordable and high quality early learning and care. There are proven economic benefits that could be accrued.

We hope the new government of Stephen MacNeil will be looking into these concerns as soon as possible - for the sake of the children.

-reprinted from the Kings County Register

Entered Date: 
4 Nov 2013
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