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Child care needed [CA-NT]

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Loreen, Dez
Publication Date: 
14 Jan 2009

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EXCERPTS A recent survey says local child care services are in high demand. The Children First Society released the study late last year that shows a demand for more child care facilities and programs in Inuvik. Researcher Patricia Davison said there are a number of company managers and business owners that have changed hours of service to accommodate the needs of their employees. According to the survey, 16 per cent of the managers and owners questioned had altered their business model to help workers who need to look after their children. "Fourteen per cent isn't a big number, but when you think about it, businesses don't just change their hours or services at a drop of a hat," said Davison. "Those are big changes. That is pretty significant." Davison said the survey helped the society identify the severity of the issue. "We knew it was bad, because of the stories we've heard, but the numbers show that child care is an ongoing issue in this community," she said. … - reprinted from Northern News Services

Entered Date: 
21 Jan 2009
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