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The simplest way to help young kids is to pay their teachers better

Timsit, Annabelle
Publication Date: 
13 Nov 2019
Entered Date: 
20 Nov 2019

Global wage report 2018/19: What lies behind gender pay gaps

International Labour Organization
Publication Date: 
26 Nov 2018
Entered Date: 
11 Dec 2018

Women's equality: Documentaries

Documentary: The motherload
CBC Documentary, 4 December 2014

Status quo? The unfinished business of feminism in Canada
Karen Cho - National Film Board of Canada, 19 February 2013

Universal child care is essential for women's equality

Today the statement that access to reliable early childhood education and child care is central to women’s equality is well accepted, unchallenged by few voices.

More women seek paid work and will do so increasingly

Ezrati, Milton
Publication Date: 
7 Nov 2018
Entered Date: 
8 Nov 2018
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