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How Indigenous mothers experience selecting and using early childhood development services to care for their infants

Wright, L. A., Jack, S. M., Ballantyne, M., Gabel, C., Bomberry, R. & Wahoush, O.
Publication Date: 
15 Apr 2019
Entered Date: 
22 Jan 2020

Infancy and early childhood matter so much because of attachment

Martyn, Nikki
Publication Date: 
29 May 2019
Entered Date: 
4 Jun 2019

Children who go to daycare are better behaved, more advanced: study

Racco, Marilisa
Publication Date: 
9 Oct 2018
Entered Date: 
10 Oct 2018

Perspectives on curriculum frameworks in early learning and child care

The Canadian Association for Young Children (CAYC), the Early Childhood Education Faculty Forum (ECEFF) and NorQuest College are pleased to be co-sponsoring a conference on Curriculum Frameworks from three perspectives: 1) How do educators implement curriculum frameworks? 2) How do Early Childhood Education/ Early Learning and Child Care pre-service programs incorporate curriculum frameworks? and 3) What does research say about curriculum frameworks?


Edmonton, AB
Event date: 
27 Apr 2018 - 6:00pm - 29 Apr 2018 - 12:00pm
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