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OMEP World Seminar: Nurturing peace together with children

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Hosted by OMEP Canada, OMEP's annual World Seminar will be held in Quebec City with more than 350 delegates from more than 60 countries.<return>


Hotel Pur
395, rue de la Couronne

The OMEP World Seminar is one of OMEP major activities every year, and OMEP Canada has the mandate to host it this year. The World Seminar will be held in Québec City and more that 350 delegates from more than 60 countries will participate.

For 60 years, many such meetings have taken place. They are essential forums for achieving OMEP's objectives and reputation. They help share the knowledge, competencies and know-how of resource persons from the five continents, and convey common values, in accordance with the OMEP philosophy and mission adhered to by the members.

In 2001, at the World Congress in Santiago, Chile, OMEP adopted a work plan based on the education for a culture of peace and non-violence, within the world decade dedicated to this theme by UNESCO. The Seminar on Nurturing Peace Together with Children will likely be the crowning achievement of this work.

The Seminar will be a significant occasion as OMEP will be celebrating its 60th anniversary, and the Canadian Committee of OMEP its 50th anniversary. Furthermore, Quebec, our host city, will be celebrating the 400th anniversary of its foundation.

Among many keynote speakers will be Ms. Michèle S. Jean, President of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, Ottawa, Dr. Verónica Romo López, professor, Universidad Central, Santiago, Chile, Dr. Diane Levin, professor, Wheelock College, Boston, USA, Dr. Patricia Tarr, professor, University of Calgary, Alberta.

The manifesto of our guest of honour, Mr. Paul Gérin- Lajoie, first holder of the Québec Ministry of Education, will be read during the closing ceremony.

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