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About the Childcare Resource and Research Unit

The Childcare Resource and Research Unit is an early childhood education and child care (ECEC) policy research institute with a mandate to further ECEC policy and programs in Canada.

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Quebec’s childcare program at 20 17 Jan 2018 | Quebec
Twenty years since the inception of Quebec's child care program, Pierre Fortin offers an economic analysis of and insight into the question, "Have the effects of Quebec's childcare program on mothers' incomes and child development been positive and significant enough to justify the cost?" Fortin engages with arguments made by the Fraser Institute and the Montreal Economic Institute, presenting evidence to counter. In doing so, a more nuanced understanding of how Quebec's childcare policies have impacted residents and the economy emerges.
Junior kindergarten for 4-year-olds 17 Jan 2018 | Quebec
This report analyzes quality in Quebec's full-day 4-year-old kindergarten - introduced to foster school readiness in children from disadvantaged areas. It found educational quality in full-day and half-day programs was low and had little impact on school readiness. The researchers note a need for increased investment to achieve the stated goals and meet the individual needs of the children.
State of the world's fathers: Time for action 17 Jan 2018 | International
New report from Men Care draws critical connections between unpaid care work, gender inequality, and poverty while pointing to laws and policies that have been successful in tackling these (and other) systemic issues. Among the key priorities for action are: equally shared, job-protected, paid leave for mothers and fathers and publicly funded, high-quality child care.
Children and young people in urban environments 10 Jan 2018 | International
Safety legislation in the UK and Canada has historically sought to eliminate risk from play areas. Current research, however, suggests the importance of ‘risky play’ for children’s development. In an attempt to rectify this disconnect, the UK Play Safety Forum has developed a risk-benefit assessment (RBA) that seeks to analyze the trade-offs of the benefits of risk versus children’s safety in order to justify changes to safety policies.
Risk perception, regulation, and unlicensed child care: lessons from Ontario, Canada 10 Jan 2018 | Ontario
Analysis of family child care in Ontario finds it is surprisingly unregulated compared to other sectors, especially given the associated risks. Authors' analysis of legislative debates reveals tension between ensuring quality and safety while providing access and the perception of choice.

Many social programs support families, but child care is the backbone of them all.

— National Council of Welfare, Preschool Children: Promises to Keep , 1999

Why good child care?


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