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From Choice to change: An analysis of the 'choice' discourse in Canada's 2006 federal election

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Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, (14)2, pp. 155-167.
Richardson, Brooke; Langford, Rachel; Friendly, Martha & Rauhala, Ann
Publication Date: 
29 May 2013

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A critical discourse analysis (CDA) was used to analyze the representation of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) in the 2006 federal election in Canada. Guided by Fairclough's approach to CDA, this study analyzed written documents including newspaper articles from The Globe and Mail and The National Post, the policy platforms of the Liberal and Conservative parties, and political speeches from party leaders. Four textual and discourse processes were found to legitimize the ‘choice' discourse and contribute to its dominance: conversationalization, nominalization, use of irrealis statements and recontextualization. It is concluded that a fundamental shift in discourse related to political and media discussion of ECEC policy in Canada is needed if progressive policy changes are to take place.

Entered Date: 
29 May 2013
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