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Charting prosperity: Practical ideas for a stronger Canada

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Policy Insights 2011
Maytree Foundation
Publication Date: 
1 Apr 2011


In this annual publication, Maytree presents more than 50 recommendations intended to contribute to Canada's prosperity while protecting the country's most vulnerable. The recommendations make up the three important "I"s of public policy: ideas, instruments, and investments. They each identify a powerful idea to improve the life of Canadians, the instruments which will be effective in creating that improvement, and the investments that must be made to operationalize the instruments.

Support Children and Their Parents recommendations:

- Revive the Early Learning and Child Care Agreements.
- Increase the Canada Child Tax Benefit to $5,000.
- Eliminate the Universal Child Care Benefit and the non-refundable child tax credit.


Entered Date: 
11 May 2011
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