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Environmental scan for the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of British Columbia and Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia integrated system of early care and learning project

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Beach, Jane
Publication Date: 
1 Jul 2010

Excerpts from the report:

The Coalition of Child Care Advocates of British Columbia (CCCABC), in partnership with the Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia (ECEBC), is undertaking a new project - "Moving to a System of Integrated Early Care and Learning in BC." This project examines the relationship between free, universal and publicly funded full school-day kindergarten for 5- and 4-year olds and British Columbia's existing child care services.

Seven principles, developed by CCCABC and ECEBC, guide the exploration of an integrated system of early care and learning, supported by an extensive body of research and reflected in Canada and BC's obligations under international agreements such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and related General Comment #7 (GC7) on "Implementing child rights in early childhood." Initially, these principles will be used as the lens through which the effectiveness of various approaches to integrating the delivery of early care and learning programs will be assessed.

1. The right of all children to access universal, high quality, publicly funded early care and learning services is enshrined in legislation.

2. Programs are planned, delivered and governed on a democratic, not-for-profit basis through an integrated system of early care and learning.

3. The system of early care and learning advances equity and social inclusion for all.

4. Programs provide play-based, inclusive experiences that meet all children's developmental needs and respect their right to quality of life.

5. Programs are designed to meet the needs of the majority of families where parents are in the paid labour force, studying and/or participating in community life.

6. Programs are delivered by socially valued and fairly compensated staff with specific education and expertise in early childhood education.

7. Programs are adequately funded, stable and openly accountable to the communities they serve.

One of the activities of this project is an environmental scan of integration of care and education activities across provinces and territories. Specifically, the environmental scan provides an overview of current developments and activities underway through provincial/territorial ministries of education related to early years care and/or learning. The scan includes an overview of:

- the role of ministries and departments of education in the provision of early childhood programs and services, and new developments, and

- how provincial/territorial early care and learning systems meet the guiding principles.

Entered Date: 
28 Jul 2010
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