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Developing programmes to promote ethnic diversity in early childhood: Lessons from Northern Ireland

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Working Paper in Early Childhood Development, No.52
Connolly, Paul
Publication Date: 
8 Apr 2009

Description: This working paper focuses on some of the issues and challenges faced in developing early childhood programmes to promote racial and ethnic diversity in societies characterised by deep divisions and/or conflict. The central argument of the paper is that the development, delivery and evaluation of such programmes need to be informed by three core values that are children’s rights-based, outcomes-focused, and evidence-informed. This paper looks at case studies from Northern Ireland to draw lessons on developing programmes to promote ethnic diversity in early childhood. The author, Paul Connolly, is a professor at Queen’s University Belfast and the founding Co-Director of the Joint Learning Initiative on Children and Ethnic Diversity.

Entered Date: 
15 Apr 2009
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