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Full-time kindergarten in Battlefords School Division #118 community schools

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Evitts, Trina; Muhajarine, Nazeem & Pushor, Debbie
Publication Date: 
1 Jan 2005


Findings from this study indicate that Full-Time Kindergarten programs in the Battlefords School Division appear to have built on the many successes outlined in the literature on Full-Time Kindergarten. The successes reported in this study appear to be similar in that they contribute to the improvement of children's social and language skills, and in some cases their behaviour as well. Participants in this study felt that Full-Time Kindergarten is a positive program that works well for children. Most participants believed that their students or children grew emotionally, intellectually, and socially, crediting these changes to an increase in supervised instruction time, time spent with other students, and a safe, structured learning environment. Most participants also felt that children benefited from the consistency of Monday through Friday attendance and increased time for instruction and social interaction. The program was, above all, convenient for parents who worked, attended school, or had difficulty finding, paying for, or transporting their children to childcare.

Entered Date: 
6 Oct 2006
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