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What future for childcare beyond the referendum?

Cohen, Bronwen
Publication Date: 
16 Aug 2014
Entered Date: 
20 Aug 2014

Canadian families desperately need a national child-care program

Toronto Star
Publication Date: 
22 Jun 2014
Entered Date: 
23 Jun 2014

Child care’s rough ride

May 8, 2014 by Martha Friendly

Child care now!

Child care in Ontario has been having a rough ride for some years. Most recently, the current election call illustrates the precariousness of child care in the absence of a federal role and without solid, well-developed provincial policy. In Ontario and Canada-wide, the state of child care is dismal in just about every way - spaces unavailable, quality uneven, wildly varied but mostly unaffordable parent fees, low staff wages, weak regulation.

Conservatives should heed citizens, not their rich donors

Prestwich, Bill
Publication Date: 
5 May 2014
Entered Date: 
6 May 2014

The politics of Harper’s medicare decision

Simpson, Jeffrey
Publication Date: 
20 Jan 2012
Entered Date: 
24 Jan 2012

Cooper: Harper takes government out of Canadians' lives

Cooper, Barry
Publication Date: 
28 Dec 2011
Entered Date: 
2 Jan 2012

The recession and beyond: Taking stock of evolving government-nonprofit relationships

Queen's University's Public Policy and Third Sector Initiative is hosting a conference exploring the present and possible future roles of the voluntary sector in the face of shifting governmental roles.


WaterPark Place
20 Bay Street
Toronto, ON
Event date: 
16 Nov 2011 - 9:00am - 7:00pm
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