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Why good child care? Social solidarity

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Fostering social solidarity and social cohesion

ECEC programs can help strengthen solidarity within a community across class, ethnic and racial boundaries. Diversity is a key part of the ECEC context in Canada and social integration of newcomer families is an important aspect of many ECEC programs.

ECEC services that are responsive to the community can unite families from diverse origins through participation in common activities related to their children. This can demonstrate to adults and children that co-operation among social classes and ethnic groups is possible and valued.

ECEC services as community institutions can also foster community co-operation and social solidarity. They can be a central point for parents, child care providers, health and social service professionals, and community volunteers, enhancing the visibility of children and families in civil society and helping build social cohesion at the community level.

In these ways, ECEC services have the capacity to strengthen appreciation for diversity and promote equity among racial and ethnic groups and classes, enhancing social solidarity.

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