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Research about physical activity for young children generally

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Physical activity promotion in the preschool years: A critical period to intervene
Goldfield, Gary S.; Harvey, Alysha; Grattan, Kimberly & Adamo, Kristi B.(2012). International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 9(4), 1326-1342.

Moving bodies, building minds: Fostering critical thinking and problem-solving through movement
Marigliano, M.L. & Russon, M.J. (2011). Young Children, September 2011.

What the research says about physical activity and the early years
Best start, 2011

Physical activity in child-care centers: do teachers hold the key to the playground?
Copeland, K.A., Kendeigh, C.A., Saelens, B.E., Kalkwarf1, H.J. & Sherman, S.N. (2011). Health Education Research

Interventions to promote physical activity in young children
Trost, S.G. (2011). Encylopedia on Early Childhood Development

Physical activity at daycare: issues, challenges and perspectives. (Abstract online)
van Zandvoort, M., Tucker, P., Irwin, J. D., & Burke, S. M. (2010). Early Years: Journal of international research & Development. 30(2), 175-188.

Physical activity for preschool children--how much and how?
Timmons, B. W., Naylor, P., & Pfeiffer, K. A. (2007). Applied Physiology, Nutrition & Metabolism, 32.

Societal values and policies may curtail preschool children's physical activity in child care centers
Copeland, K.A., Sherman, S.N., Kendeigh, C.A., Kalkwarf, H.J. and Saelens, B.E. (2012). Pediatrics, 129 (2), pp. 265 -274.

Physical activity of preschool aged children in child care settings: Final report
Anderson, L. (2008). Mount Royal College, Alberta.

The childcare environment and children's physical activity (Abstract online)
Bower, J.K., Hales, D.P., Tate, D.F., Rubin, D.A., Benjamin, S.E. and Ward, D.S. (2008). American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 34(1), pp. 23-29.

Physical activity in young children: the role of child care
Ward, D.S. (2010). Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 42(3).


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