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Blending child care and kindergarten in the Canadian context

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Private companies in public schools?
Canadian Union of Public Employees, 15 Apr, 11

Early learning/kindergarten progrmas and Ministry/Department integration of education and child care in Canada
Canadian Network for Leadership in Education and Early Learning & Care, 1 Sept 11

Reflections on shaping an integrated system of early learning & child care and education for children in Canada
Canadian Child Care Federation. 1 Apr 10

Toronto First Duty
In 2001, the City of Toronto, the Toronto District School Board and community agencies supported by the Atkinson Foundation partnered to pioneer the Toronto First Duty (TFD) Project. The TFD was designed to bring together into a seamless service three streams of early childhood services; kindergarten, child care and family supports. Several research and progress reports from the project have been produced, some are linked below and others can be found on the Toronto First Duty website.

Families at the centre: Moving towards early childhood systems that work
Putting Science into Action conference May 13-15, 2009 Sackville, New Brunswick, Council for Early Child Development (Powerpoint presentation)
Jane Beach, 15 May 09

Building a strong and equal partnership between childcare and early childhood education in Canada
International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy. 2(1):39-52
Martha Friendly, Childcare Resource and Research Unit, 1 May 08

Toward a seamless day: Integrating early childhood programs (not available online)
Education Canada. 45(2):32-35
Sue Colley, 1 May 05
This article profiles a parent who has a fantastic kindergarten program for her four-year-old twins. The program runs from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the local community school where certified teachers and early childhood educators work side by side to offer a child-centred program that covers her entire working day. The program is part of the Toronto First Duty project. This three-year project is designed to demonstrate how existing early childhood and family programs can be transformed into a system for children 0-6 years and to explore possible options for integration of kindergarten and other ECEC services.

Early childhood education services for kindergarten-age children in four Canadian provinces: Scope, nature and future models
Caledon Institute of Social Policy
Laura Johnson & Julie Mathien, 1 Sept 98

Resource from Canadian governments

Expanding early learning in British Columbia for children age three to five
Early Childhood Learning Agency, Ministry of Education, Government of British Columbia, 1 Apr 09

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