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Observed Quality

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May 17, 2011

Canadian documents

For a thorough list of academic literature on the issue of privatization see: CRRU Briefing Note: Research evidence on selected aspects of for-profit/non-profit child care programs: A bibliography

Alberta's daycare controversy: From 1989 to 2009 and beyond
T. Langford
SOURCE:Athabasca University Press. 2011
EBook in pdf (424pp.)

An economic perspective on the current and future role of nonprofit provision of early learning and child care services in Canada: Final report.
Cleveland, Gordon; Forer, Barry; Hyatt, Douglas; Japel, Christa & Krashinsky, Michael. (2007). University of Toronto, University of BC & Université du Québec à Montréal
Full article in pdf

The non-profit advantage: Producing quality in thick and thin child care markets
G. Cleveland & M. Krashinsky
SOURCE: Toronto: University of Toronto at Scarborough, Division of Management. 2005.
Full report in pdf

The quality gap: A study of non-profit and commercial child care centres in Canada
This report analyzes the You Bet I Care! data set to explore quality differences in non-profit and commercial child care.
G. Cleveland & M. Krashinsky
SOURCE: Toronto: University of Toronto at Scarborough, Division of Management. 2005.
Full report in pdf

Enquête québécoise sur la qualité des services de garde éducatifs: Grandir en qualité 2003 [Québec survey on the quality of educational daycare]
A survey of regulated child care services across Quebec conducted in the spring of 2003 with the objective of describing the quality of child care services.
SOURCE: Gouvernment de Québec. Insitut de la statistique du Québec (ISQ), 2004
- Full report in French to order
- Project description in English
- Report highlights in English

PowerPoint slides from a presentation entitled Child care quality: Results from the longitudinal study on child development in Quebec (ÉLDEQ) (R. Tremblay, C. Japel & S. Côté to the European Society for Social Pediatrics annual meeting), In print: CIRC ID# 17659

A report entitled Are young children in Quebec well cared for? Towards an integrated policy for the development of human resources
(R. Tremblay, C, Japel & S. Côté presented to the Committee of
Social Affairs of the National Assembly of Quebec, translation by
Christine Schippers, Manitoba Centre for Health Policy), In print: CIRC ID# 17784

Child care by default or design?: An exploration of differences between non-profit and for-profit Canadian child care centres using the You Bet I Care! data sets
This analysis is based on the You Bet I Care! data sets, especially Report 2: Caring and learning environments: Quality in child care centres across Canada.
G. Doherty, M. Friendly & B. Forer
SOURCE: Toronto: Childcare Resource and Research Unit, University of Toronto, 2002
- Report in pdf
- BRIEFing Note in pdf

The deficiencies of commercial day care
S. Prentice
SOURCE: Policy Options, 18 (1): 42-46. Montreal: Institute for Research on Public Policy, 1997
In print: CIRC ID# 9967

A sociological examination of the child care auspice debate
Number 6 in CRRU's Occasional Paper series, this report is an edited version of a PhD dissertation submitted by the author to the Department of Sociology, University of Calgary.
B. Friesen
SOURCE: Toronto: Childcare Resource and Research Unit, University of Toronto. 1995.
Report in pdf

In print: The original dissertation, A sociological examination of the effects of auspice on day care quality, CIRC ID# 6234

The Atlantic Day Care Study and the Child Care Management Study
This article reports the studies' findings related to quality and auspice.
M. Lyon & P. Canning
SOURCE: Linking Research to Practice: A Canadian Forum: 253-258. Ottawa: Canadian Child Care Federation, 1999
In print: CIRC ID# 13576

Auspice, location, provincial legislation and funding of day care in Atlantic Canada: Relationships with centre quality and implications for policy
M. Lyon & P. Canning
SOURCE: Canadian Journal of Research in Early Childhood Education, 6 (2): 139-155
In print: CIRC ID# 10704

The Atlantic day care study
M. Lyon & P. Canning
SOURCE: Halifax: Mount Saint Vincent University. 1995.
In print: CIRC ID# 8842

Profit and non-profit day care: A comparison of quality, caregiver behaviour, and structural features
D. Mill, N. Bartlett & D.R. White
SOURCE: Canadian Journal of Early Childhood Education, 4 (2): 45-53, 1995
In print: CIRC ID# 7157

See also:
The business of child care: The issue of auspice [See Reviews and overviews section]

International documents

For-profit/nonprofit differences in center-based child care quality: Results from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development
Stout Sosinsky,L., Lord, H., Zigler, E.
SOURCE: Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology 28 390-410. 2007
-link to ERIC

Differences between community owned and privately owned early childhood education and care centres: A review of evidence
L. Mitchell
SOURCE: Wellington, New Zealand: New Zealand Council for Educational Research. 2002.
- Full paper in pdf

Child care center quality differences: The role of profit status, client preferences, and trust
J. Morris & S. Helburn
SOURCE: Noprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 29 (3): 377-399. 2000.
In print: CIRC ID# 14850

Teacher-child interaction and child-care auspices as predictors of social outcomes in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers
K. McCartney, S. Scarr, A. Rocheleau, et al.
SOURCE: Merril-Palmer Quarterly, 43 (3): 426-450. 1997.
In print: CIRC ID# 11298

Cost, quality, and child outcomes study
SOURCE: Denver: University of Colorado. 1995.
In print:
Technical report, CIRC ID# 7966
Executive summary, CIRC ID# 8892

Who cares? Child care teachers and the quality of care in America: Final report of the National Child Care Staffing Study
M. Whitebook, C. Howes & D. Phillips
SOURCE: Berkely, California: Child Care Employee Project. 1990.
In print:
Main report, CIRC ID# 3511
Executive summary, CIRC ID# 3259

The social policy context of child care: Effects on quality
This article provides an analysis of data from the National Child Care Staffing Study.
D. Phillips, C. Howes, M. Whitebook
SOURCE: American Journal of Community Psychology, 20 (1): 25-51. 1992.
In print: CIRC ID# 6065

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