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Jun 24, 2020

 *Please note, this information is not fully up to date as of May 20, 2020*

Re-opening child care

As some European countries are ahead of Canada in re-opening their economies, some child care centres have started to re-open. It is important that we take note and highlight how this is being done, so Canada will be able to implement best practices when the times comes for the re-opening of child care in the Canadian context. Please note: Child care in Denmark and Norway is referred to as Kindergarten.

Alphabetical list by country name.

International News

For international news related to COVID-19 and child care see below.


Schools are closed but will continue to supervise children of parents who are working. Child care centres are closed in some locales such as Vienna.


Child care centres are not required to close. Schools are closed but some schools will remain open to look after children of essential workers.


Re-opened child care on April 15, 2020

Denmark gives green light to children's pyjama parties
The Local, 14 May 2020

How reopened schools in Denmark keep children safely apart
BBC News, 12 May 2020

‘It’s like walking a tightrope’: Life after lockdown in Denmark
The Local, 18 April 2020

Three toys per child and a teddy bear ban: New rules for Denmark’s kindergartens
The Local, 16 April 2020

Denmark first in Europe to reopen schools after coronavirus lockdown
The Local, 15 April 2020

How schools and day care centres in Denmark are gearing up for reopening
The Local, 13 April 2020

Government recommendations for small kids returning to daycare, kindergarten and school
CPH Post, 9 April 2020


Re-opening schools and daycares starting May 14, 2020 

Finland to reopen schools and daycares gradually starting May 14
National Post, 29 April 2020


Will re-open child care on May 11, 2020

70 cases of COVID-19 at French schools days after re-opening
The Star, 18 May 2020

Viral photo shows preschoolers confined to chalk squares for social-distanced playtime
The Hill, 13 May 2020

France starts to reopen schools - but many kids remain at home
The Local, 12 May 2020

French PM reveals detailed plan to end lockdown in France
The Local, 28 April 2020

Updated: How France's plan to reopen schools has changed
The Local, 21 April 2020


All child care centres closed.


All child care centres closed.

Creches will not ask parents for fees for three months, as government scheme will see childcare worker wages topped up beyond the 70 per cent level announced for others. 

Department of Children and Youth Affairs will reimburse childcare providers a further 30 per cent on top of the scheme announced earlier, which will see the Government pay 70 per cent of a workers salary up to €410 per week. 

Importance of childcare to the economy has been recognised at last [5:22]
Irish Times, 15 June 2020

What will reopened childcare centres look like to staff and to children?
The Irish Times, 2 June 2020

Coronavirus: HSE experts support the early reopening of schools
The Irish Times, 29 May 2020 

Report warns over ‘financial sustainability’ of childcare sector
The Irish Times, 14 May 2020


All child care centres closed.

Italians prepare to return to work, if they can find child-care
The Wall Street Journal, 2 May 2020


All child care centres are closed.


Will re-open child care centres on May 11, 2020

De rol van kinderen in de transmissie van SARS-CoV-2 / The role of children in the transmission of SARS-CoV-2
Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde, 6 June 2020

Initial results on how COVID-19 spreads within Dutch families
National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, 3 June 2020

Children and COVID-19
National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, 18 May 2020

Netherlands wants to fully open primary schools before the summer
The Brussels Times, 23 April 2020

Europe begins going back to school: France and Holland become latest countries to reopen classrooms, with young children to return in small groups from May 11
Daily Mail, 22 April 2020

Netherlands will open primary schools in May: Other lockdown measures continue
NL Times, 21 April 2020


Re-opened child care on April 20, 2020

0.6% of children in Norway test positive for the coronavirus
The Local, 21 May 2020

Opening schools has not rekindled epidemic in Norway, say authorities
The Local, 11 May 2020 

‘I wasn’t sure of the kids’ safety’: How parents felt about Norway’s kindergarten opening
The Local, 24 April 2020

Nursery, but not as they knew it ... Norway adjusts to life after lockdown
The Guardian, 24 April 2020

Oslo kindergartens will open again
City of Oslo, 17 April 2020

Pack lunches and no toys from home: New rules for Norway’s kindergartens
The Local, 20 April 2020

Kindergarten reopening and COVID-19 [Video]
Bydel Bjerke, 20 April 2020

Updated: What you need to know about Norway’s kindergarten reopening
The Local, 15 April 2020


All child care centres closed. Wage compensation for parents not at work. 


Schools and nurseries in Scotland and Wales will close as of March 20th, 2020

Reopening childcare safely
Scottish Government, 15 June 2020 


Neither schools nor child care are consistently closed.


Schools and nurseries in Scotland and Wales will close as of March 20th, 2020

Schools and nurseries in the UK-England will be close das of March 20th, 2020 

Schools in Northern Ireland are due to shut Monday, March 23rd, 2020. 

Early years and childcare sector at risk of collapse in England
The Guardian, 1 June 2020

Education secretary uses Danish schools example to fend off union criticism
Personnel Today, 14 May 2020

Coronavirus: Some childminders in England can reopen
BBC, 13 May 2020

United States

Child care closures/ re-openings are managed by state governments. There is no definitive answer on the status of child care in the US.

Why kids rarely fall sick with COVID-19 revealed in new research
MSN lifestyle, 12 June 2020

Time’s up: Child care providers are not America’s mammy
The Grio, 12 June 2020

America’s child care system Is in crisis. Joe Biden will soon release a plan to fix it.
Mother Jones, 12 June 2020

COVID-19 pandemic adds further stress to an already overwhelmed local child care industry
Greeley Tribune, 7 June 2020

With caution and creativity, day cares prepare to reopen
The New York Times, 2 June 2020

Should the child care industry get a bail-out?
New York Times, 27 May 2020

Opinion: Without child care, there’s no recovery
New York Times - Opinion Today, 20 May 2020

Affordable child care is increasingly difficult to find in the U.S.—coronavirus could make it harder
CNBC, 15 May 2020

Is day care safe during the coronavirus pandemic? It depends. Here are some guidelines.
USA Today, 18 May 2020

Commentary: Universal child care was provided during World War II. We need it again during this pandemic — and beyond

Chicago Tribune, 30 April 2020

Australia and New Zealand

Snapping back to the childcare subsidy method is nuts. It should not be a system that profits
The Guardian, 20 May 2020

Large pay bump for early childhood teachers in pre-budget announcement, 11 May 2020

‘Free childcare has been amazing’: Australian parents hope pandemic may pave way for reform
The Guardian, 10 May 2020 

Forget flowers and chocolates for Mother’s Day: Keep free childcare going instead
The Conversation, 7 May 2020

COVID-19: ECEC needs urgent and tough COVID-19 rules, Union says, releasing plan
The Sector, 26 March 2020

COVID-19: United Workers Union ECEC rules to stop spread of COVID-19
United Workers Union & Big Steps Campaign, 25 March 2020


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