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About Canada: Childcare

About Canada: Childcare by Martha Friendly and Susan Prentice

A bad bargain for us all: Why the market doesn’t deliver child care that works for Canadian children and families

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Friendly, Martha
May 31, 2019
978-1-89 6051-66-6

The idea that the struggle for universal child care in Canada is a “never-ending story” resonates with many who have analyzed it. Political economist and comparative researcher Rianne Mahon, who described it as a “never-ending story”, observed: “On the one hand, there is a stubborn and persistent need for good-quality child care linked to the high labour force participation of mothers. […] On the other hand, there are barriers that continue to block the development of an accessible, high-quality, publicly funded child care system” (Mahon, 2000: 2). While many of today’s young parents seeking high quality, affordable child care for their own young children are unaware of the issue’s longevity, the picture of Canadian child care has been a dismal one for more than forty years.


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