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About Canada: Childcare

About Canada: Childcare by Martha Friendly and Susan Prentice

Early childhood education and care in Canada 2008

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cover image of "Early childhood education and care in Canada 2008"
Jane Beach, Martha Friendly, Carolyn Ferns, Nina Prabhu, Barry Forer.
8th edition
June 2009
ISBN 978-1-896051-50-5

This comprehensive report, the 8th edition since 1992, provides key data on child care and kindergarten across Canada. It tracks spaces, finances, quality issues and public policy developments at the provincial/ territorial and federal levels, includes demographic information such as mothers' labour force participation, and identifies trends over time.

Companion document

30 quick facts about Canadian ECEC: Trends & analysis 2008
Childcare Resource and Research Unit, September 2009 , 4pp.
This companion document to ECEC in Canada 2008 highlights 30 important facts about Canadian child care, kindergarten and family leave. Available in pdf for download below.

Download ECEC in Canada 2008

The full text of ECEC in Canada 2008 is available in pdf format from the links below. Although there is not one link for the entire book, the four downloads (SECTION 1 through 4 below) will give you the full text.

Acknowledgements, Preface, Explanatory Notes1.22 MB
The state of early childhood education and care in 2009988.98 KB
Federal Contributions to ECEC57.55 KB
Aboriginal ECEC / ECEC in Francophone Communities in a Minority Environment 285.88 KB
Newfoundland and Labrador1.31 MB
Prince Edward Island270.76 KB
Nova Scotia962.97 KB
New Brunswick 1014.03 KB
Quebec359.26 KB
Ontario366.61 KB
Manitoba1.05 MB
Saskatchewan1.21 MB
Alberta1003.17 KB
British Columbia426.71 KB
Northwest Territories1.06 MB
Nunavut887.44 KB
Yukon878.96 KB
SECTION 3: ALL TABLES IN "The Big Picture" [18pp]169.1 KB
SECTION 4: ALL TABLES IN "The Long View" [14pp]1.24 MB
COMPANION DOCUMENT: 30 quick facts about Canadian ECEC: Trends & analysis 2008 [4pp]912.68 KB
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