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About Canada: Childcare

About Canada: Childcare by Martha Friendly and Susan Prentice

Early childhood education and care in Canada 2004

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Cover of Early childhood education and care in Canada 2004
Martha Friendly, Jane Beach
6th edition
May 2005
ISBN 1-896051-28-6

The Childcare Resource and Research Unit has periodically assembled pan Canadian data to produce a national snapshot of early childhood care and education. The sixth edition of Early childhood education and care in Canada presents 2003 and 2004 data. Together with 1992, 1995, 1998 and 2004 data compiled for earlier editions, these data reveal trends in ECEC over more than a decade. For the most recent data, see the publications list.

Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada 2004 provides cross-Canada data and information on regulated child care, kindergarten, maternity and parental leave together with relevant demographic information. Provincial/territorial profiles on regulated child care include: varieties of ECEC services; number of spaces; standards and regulations; service monitoring and enforcement; funding; history; and recent developments. "The Big Picture" section presents cross-Canada table compilations of material topic-by-topic. "The Long View" presents cross-Canada tables of information on child care since the early 1990s. The report includes an examination of the state of ECEC in Canada, federal ECEC programs, Aboriginal ECEC, and further readings.

See the 8th edition, released June 2009, for the most recent data.

Download ECEC in Canada 2004

The full text of ECEC in Canada 2004 is available in pdf format from the links below. The companion document Trends & Analysis is also available.

Acknowledgements, Preface, Explanatory Notes303.66 KB
State of ECEC in Canada 2005238.92 KB
Federal ECEC programs and Aborginal ECEC163.3 KB
Newfoundland and Labrador480.33 KB
Prince Edward Island401.94 KB
Nova Scotia488.25 KB
New Brunswick500.37 KB
Quebec450.75 KB
Ontario494.4 KB
Manitoba534.02 KB
Saskatchewan443.31 KB
Alberta528.82 KB
British Columbia555.31 KB
Northwest Territories401.05 KB
Nunavut403.63 KB
Yukon476.79 KB
TABLES: All Big Picture Tables [25 pp.]508.12 KB
TABLES: All Long View Tables [11 pp.]491.34 KB
COMPANION DOCUMENT: Trends & Analysis306.48 KB
COMPANION DOCUMENT: Tendances et Analyses242.13 KB
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