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Tout pour nos enfants: Stratégie 0-8 ans

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Québec has announced a new initiative in family policy, "Tout pour nos enfants: Stratégie 0-8 ans". The strategy has allocated funding and a set of priorities to achieve by 2022. Among them are, smoother transitions between early childhood settings, stronger supports for children with disabilities, more support for disadvantaged children (including the introduction of full-day kindergartens in low-income neighbourhoods), a breakfast program, vision screening for pre-school children and a host of programs and platforms to engage families. 

Québec government documents

Sommaire (6.8 mos)
Stratégie (16.2 mo)
Tableau synthèse (3.9 mo)

News coverage

Allison Hanes: Education strategy is welcome, but is it progress or patching holes?
Montreal Gazette, 16 January 2018

Le CPE Guy-Favreau, qui était menacé de fermeture, est sauvé
Huffington Post, 11 January 2018

Organizational responses

Association Québécois des Centre de Petit Enfants: Réussite éducative, stratégie 0-8 ansAQCPE, 16 January 2018

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