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Early childhood education in Iran: Progress and emerging challenges

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Sharifan, M.
Publication Date: 
29 May 2018


Frequently, our world seems filled with nations in conflict. The ultimate legacy of nations’ inability to cooperate will be inherited by the world’s children. Perhaps the most effective solution to creating a more peaceful world in the years to come is to provide high quality education for all children. Such education, however, is more likely to result if teachers of the world become willing to share their success stories and examples of supportive resources. Admittedly, professional collaborations between teachers in the Islamic Republic of Iran and those of the West are rare, at best. Despite political challenges, it is time to find ways to share. A place to begin is to provide teachers with background information regarding the current status of early childhood education (ECE) in Iran. This paper is also a call for a global teacher-response to initiate greater dialogue in support of all of our children.

Entered Date: 
29 May 2019
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