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Childcare Survey 2019

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Coleman, L., & Cottell, J.
Publication Date: 
1 Jan 2019

EXCERPTS from the Executive Summary

The Childcare Survey 2019 shows a mixed picture for families in Britain. Despite some improvements
in the sufficiency of childcare, persistent gaps remain. And despite additional government investment in childcare which help some families, others are facing eye wateringly high prices. Some parents are still worse off in work once they have paid for childcare, particularly in larger families or families with young children. The time from the end of parental leave to a child turning three and becoming eligible for funded childcare is a particular pressure point, as prices are highest and there is the least government support. There are seven different ways that families can get support with their childcare costs, each with different eligibility criteria. While the support that is available is welcomed by many parents, the complexity of the system leaves parents at risk of missing out on the support they are entitled to.

Childcare enables parents to work, keeping valuable skills in the workforce, and helps children do better
at school, which can narrow the gap between disadvantaged children and their peers. Action is needed to make sure that every family is able to access high quality childcare that boosts children’s development and enables parents to work.

Entered Date: 
6 Mar 2019
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