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Parental leave and beyond

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Some reflections on 30 years of international networking
Moss, Peter
Publication Date: 
20 Jan 2018

As coordinator of the international network of research on leave policies for over 30 years, Peter Moss has authored a new piece exploring some of the most prominent issues with parental leave policies today. The presence or absence of a gap between paid leave and entitlement to affordable early childhood education and care services is delineated as a critical piece of policy coordination in the pursuit of gender equity.


The article starts by introducing the international network on leave policies and research. Based on the author’s experience of coordinating and working with this network, including the production of an annual review that now includes 40 countries, the remainder of the article considers some current issues in leave policy and some future possible directions for policy and research. The issues include the place of leave in wider ‘reconciliation’ and ‘equality’ policies; the design of leave policies; the inadequate state of statistics on leave policies; and the voice of the child in formulating leave policies. While there are many possible directions for future development, this article discusses moving from the current narrow focus on early parenthood to a broader lifecourse model.

Entered Date: 
26 Jun 2018
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