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Respecting but not sustaining play: Early childhood educators’ and home childcare providers’ practices that support children’s play

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Lemay, Lise; Bigras, Nathalie & Bouchard, Caroline
Publication Date: 
1 Apr 2016



This study examined and compared the extent to which early childhood educators’ (ECEs) and home childcare providers’ (HCPs) practices supported children’s play. The sample included 50 ECEs and 20 HCPs in settings that care for 70 children at 18, 24, and 36 months old. At each time point, the childcare process quality was observed using the Educational Quality Observation Scales. Cross-sectional descriptive analysis revealed unsatisfactory scores on items that comprise the ‘Adult’s practices that support children’s play’ subscale. The item ‘respects children’s play’ was the only exception, with scores in the satisfactory range. In addition, compared to HCPs, ECEs obtained higher scores. This study suggests that although ECEs and HCPs generally respected children’s play, their interventions did not extend further to sustain play. There is a need to improve ECEs’ and HCPs’ practices to sustain young children’s development and learning during play.

Entered Date: 
18 Jan 2017
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