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Manitoba Child Care Association Parent Survey: Final report

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Probe Research
Publication Date: 
22 Nov 2016



Nearly 3,100 parents who use child care participated in a Probe Research poll conducted for the Manitoba Child Care Association September 15 – October 1, 2016.    Overwhelmingly, parents reported that the stress and anxiety of trying to find quality child care as the biggest problem.    As of September 30, 2016 there are 15,273 children the online child care registry waiting list.  Two thirds (62%) of parents reported having to wait for a space, ranging between 14 – 15 months.  A universal child care system would ensure every child who needs a licensed space gets one.

The online survey sought to determine parent satisfaction with child care, the prevalence of wait times, gaps in service, experience and satisfaction with unlicensed home-based child care, key preferences and views on possible policy changes.  It is the most in-depth opinion research undertaken in Manitoba on the issue of child care.  The parent survey final report is available at

A sample of findings include:

  • wait times hinder parents ability to work or attend school, with 41% delaying a return to work, 30% turning down a job, and 24% turning down an educational opportunity because they lacked child care
  • 83% of parents agreed licensing is important to ensure quality
  • 49% said child care fees are a strain on their household budget or not affordable
  • 77% of parents prefer a school with onsite child care and 77% agreed child care centres should be built as part of new housing developments
  • 57% of parents who have used unlicensed home child care prefer it be licensed
  • 18% of parents said they would start a home based child care business with enough incentive

There are approximately 34,000 licensed child care spaces in Manitoba, of which 91% of spaces are located in child care centres and 9% are located in licensed home child care.  There is very little data regarding the number of unlicensed child care homes in Manitoba.

Entered Date: 
7 Dec 2016
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