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Effects of experience on the brain: The role of neuroscience in early development and education

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Twardosz, Sandra
Publication Date: 
18 Jan 2012



Research on the effect of experience on the structure and function of the brain across the lifespan pertains directly to the concerns of professionals involved with children's early development and education. This paper briefly reviews (a) the role of experience in shaping the developing brain, (b) individual adaptation to the environment through learning and memory, and (c) the effects of stress on the developing and adult brain. Controversies about applications of this knowledge to recommendations for parents and teachers regarding the care and education of young children are described followed by current neuroscience research and scholarship in early education. Neuroscience perspectives and methods are currently contributing to research on children's early environments and experiences. Thus, it is vital that early development and education professionals become knowledgeable about them.

Entered Date: 
23 Mar 2016
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