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Daycare in Denmark

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Nixon, Dorothy
Publication Date: 
1 Jun 2008


Dorothy Nixon, a freelance journalist specializing in education and media, in an article for Canadian Parents magazine discusses daycare in Canada and interviews her older brother about daycare in Denmark.

Dorothy first describes our child care system and recommends universal access to quality daycare, especially for mothers who decide to go out of the home to work but still deserve caring, nurturing and consistent child care for their children. Issues discussed that lead Dorothy to think that Denmark's approach to child care is an excellent model include Denmark's subsidy system, ECE qualification, centre ratios, and pedagogical philosophies.

"Here in North America -- when it comes to children - it seems like we're all talk, but no action. The well-being of any one child is often left to the luck-of-the-draw as far as policy goes. At least that's more and more the case. 'Raising children is the parents' responsibility,' many politicians imply, even mocking those who dare think otherwise. 'A good mother stays home with her children and it has always been that way,' I've heard some say. Too bad we can't go back in time to prove otherwise..."

Entered Date: 
27 Jun 2008
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