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Denmark gives green light to children's pyjama parties

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Children in Denmark have been given the green light to play with as many friends as they like, for as long as they want, and even to hold pyjama parties.
Publication Date: 
14 May 2020


In new guidelines issued on Wednesday, the Danish Health Authority said it was no longer advising that children have play dates with a maximum of two other children at one time, and said that friends could even stay overnight.

"We have chosen to move away from these strict requirements as to who you can play with and how many you can play with," Maria Koch Aabel, chief consultant at the authority told Danish state broadcaster DR.

"You can play with a few more friends at one time, and you can also have sleepovers."

"Children should do what they usually do with their friends: Play as much as they want."

She said that while it was better for children to play outside if possible, it was OK to play inside on computers, so long as each child uses a separate keyboard and mouse.  The new guidelines came as Denmark has halved the recommended social distance from two metres to one metre, and after the return of children to schools and daycare has taken place without a big rise in the rate of infections.  What was important, she said, was that children continued to keep one metre's distance from one another, and that they wash their hands frequently. 

Entered Date: 
19 May 2020
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