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OPINION: Telling a B.C. child care official women should stay home with kids is sexist and smarmy

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Campbell, Chris
Publication Date: 
5 Jul 2019


This week I was especially horrified by a response received on Twitter by Burnaby-Lougheed MLA Katrina Chen, who is also the minister of state for child care.

Chen has been announcing a series of new child-care spaces, including 2,300 in Vancouver Thursday, July 4.

Instead of joining the conversation with a nuanced take, somebody (Chen retweeted a screenshot with the name blacked out) lobbed out this gem: “How about staying home to raise your young children?”

Gee, why didn’t anyone think of that? It’s so simple? (Eye roll…)

Now, I respect anyone who stays at home to raise their children – it’s what I would consider an often-thankless full-time job. But that’s usually a person’s choice and it doesn’t make you any better of a parent than anyone else. The key word here is “choice” because not a lot of people are able to make that choice due to financial considerations.

Raising a family in Metro Vancouver on one income is really hard to do. Two people working and paying for child care is no picnic either. Some parents also have no choice but to stay at home because child care more expensive than what they can get working full time.

There are so many variables at play, so for somebody to just wade into this with such a smarmy, condescending take is ridiculous and offensive.

“That’s such a lazy argument in defence of the lack of affordable, accessible childcare. Every family has a different situation and choices they make. None is better than another,” tweeted Kim Coleman.

Entered Date: 
10 Jul 2019
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