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Canadian men are still lazier than women: report

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But they are getting better
Krishnan, Manisha
Publication Date: 
31 Jul 2018


Whether it’s doing household chores, taking care of kids, or helping out friends, Canadian women work harder than men, according to Statistics Canada.

Findings from Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report revealed that in 2015 Canadian women spent more time per day than men on tasks like housework (2.8 hours a day versus 1.9), and child care (2.3 hours per day versus 1.4 hours per day).

But if there’s any solace for lazy men it’s that they are slowly catching up to women when it comes to household chores. Stats Can reports that over the last 30 years women’s time on household chores has decreased 42 minutes a day, while men’s time has increased about 24 minutes a day.

Of course, your kind, but also kinda sexist, father might say: but that’s because men are busy working all day, providing for the family. Well, the evidence doesn’t bear that out as women spend more time per day on unpaid and paid labour combined.

The report found women worked 7.8 hours a day in 2015 while men worked 7.6 hours a day. Women spent an average of 1.5 hours a day more on unpaid work, while men spent 1.3 hours more a day on paid work.

And women still do more parenting, Stats Can says. Using 2010 data, it found that 76.1 percent of mothers with children 16 or under performed childcare duties during their day, compared to 56.7 percent of fathers.

Entered Date: 
31 Jul 2018
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