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Families learn true cost of Tory cash handouts [CA]

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Letter to the Editor re: Affordable child care benefits us all
Smith, Crystal
Publication Date: 
13 Aug 2006

See text below.


The excerpt you published from Roy Romanow's essay on child care could not be more timely for a small group of Oakville families who recently learned of the closure of their children's daycare centre &emdash; a small, non-profit organization &emdash; at the end of this month.

As their parents scramble to make new arrangements, I wonder how many of them will be applauding the Harper Conservatives for the paltry $100 a month (before taxes) that their child-care plan provides them. Let this be a cautionary tale to all who think that a small amount of cash can actually be considered an effective early childhood education policy &emdash; a government handout to parents is of no help if there are no child-care spaces available.

- reprinted from the Toronto Star

Entered Date: 
14 Aug 2006
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