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Daycare debate 1 [CA]

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Letter to the Editor re: For focused child care
Bloom, Kathleen
Publication Date: 
14 Aug 2006

See text below.


All children, even upper and middle-class children, learn and develop significantly better when they are cared for in high-quality, non-profit, regulated child-care centres.


That's what you can conclude from a non-partisan review of 66 independent large-scale international studies. Across the 66 reports, the researchers directly measured the cognitive, language, and behavioural development of over 28,000 children in five countries including Canada.…Their research methods met the standards for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Let's not make decisions about universal child care and children's opportunities for early intellectual and social growth based on one study and the opinions of the C.D. Howe Institute's research team.

- Kathleen Bloom, professor, Department of Psychology, University of Waterloo

- reprinted from the Globe and Mail

Entered Date: 
14 Aug 2006
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