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Is the last mile the longest? Economic gains from gender equality in Nordic countries

Organisation for Economic and Co-operation Development
Publication Date: 
15 May 2018
Entered Date: 
16 May 2018

Universal childcare IS possible election campaign toolkit

Leading up to the 2018 provincial election, the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care has released a campaign toolkit with information and shareables designed to inform voters about the need for a government that will make universal, affordable, high-quality, accessible child care a reality for the families in Ontario!

Why free preschool child care makes the most sense for families

Cleveland, Gordon
Publication Date: 
28 Apr 2018
Entered Date: 
30 Apr 2018

Universal childcare is possible

The Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care (OCBCC) and partners are launching the 2018 child care election campaign, Universal Child Care Is Possible. Our non-partisan campaign aims to engage voters and candidates on the issue of quality affordable child care in the upcoming Ontario elections. OCBCC and Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario (AECEO) are working with teams of educators, parents and allies in communities across the province on the issue of affordable, quality child care for all.


Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care and Association Early Childhood Educators Ontario Office
489 College St., Suite 206
Toronto, ON M6G 1A5
Event date: 
26 Apr 2018 - 10:30am - 11:30am

What makes Quebec such an outlier on child care?

Arsenault, G., Jacques, O. & Maioni, A.
Publication Date: 
24 Apr 2018
Entered Date: 
25 Apr 2018
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