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OECD Thematic Review of Canadian Early Childhood Education and Care: Highlights from the recommendations

BRIEFing NOTE prepared by the CRRU
October 2004

This BRIEFing NOTE summarizes the recommendations provided in the OECD Thematic Review of ECEC: Canada Country Note.

Canada was the seventeenth country to be visited as part of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Thematic Review of ECEC. Prior to the visit, a Background Report on ECEC policy in Canada was prepared by Gillian Doherty, Martha Friendly and Jane Beach.

Child care by default or design? An exploration of differences between non-profit and for-profit Canadian child care centres using the You Bet I Care! data sets

Gillian Doherty, Martha Friendly & Barry Forer
Occasional paper 18
August 2002

The issue of auspice in child care has been debated in Canada for many years and for several reasons. One reason for this is the consistent research finding that commercial child care centres as a group obtain lower ratings for overall program quality than do non-profit centres. Other reasons include the belief that essential services such as child care should be publicly operated, and concerns about ensuring accountability for the use of public funds if they are flowed to commercial operators. This study explores the issue of auspice from the perspective of program quality.

Making the best use of the You Bet I Care! data sets

Gillian Doherty and Martha Friendly
April 2002

The You Bet I Care! (YBIC) project was the largest and most comprehensive child care study carried out in Canada to date. It produced three extensive and rich data sets which, collectively, contain extensive information about both centre-based and regulated family child care. The Childcare Resource and Research Unit, University of Toronto hosted a one-and-a-half day forum (of key participants from the child care field) in February 2002 in Toronto to discuss, identify and prioritize vital issues/questions facing child care that could be addressed by the rich data sets of YBIC.

Executive summary: Starting Strong—Early education and care. Report on an OECD Thematic Review

Executive summary, Organization for Ecomomic Co-operation and Development, Childcare Resource and Research Unit

Executive summary, Organization for Ecomomic Co-operation and Development

Advancing early childhood care and education in Canada and the U.S, the U.K. and Australia: An international symposium

Jacquelin Hayden, Bronwen Cohen, Marcy Whitebook, Rita Chudnovsky and Helen Penn
April 1998

In November, 1998, a one-day symposium titled "Advancing early childhood care and education in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Australia: Exchanging knowledge and strategies across borders" was held at Toronto's Metro Hall. These four nations have had a common approach to programs for young children in contrast to the nations of western Europe. None has developed a coherent program of universal publicly-funded early childhood care and education.

The great child care debate: The long-term effects of non-parental child care

Gillian Doherty
Occasional paper 7

This paper reviews studies that compare children with non-parental child care experience to children without this experience. Two major themes emerge from this review: first, the research does not support the view that participation in child care is harmful; and second, it is important that the child care experience is of high quality.



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