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The status of child care in Ontario 2000-2001

Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care
Publication Date: 
1 Sep 2001
Entered Date: 
13 Sep 2001

Child care service plan 2001

Toronto Children's Services
Publication Date: 
1 Jun 2001
Entered Date: 
27 Aug 2001

School-aged children across Canada: A patchwork of public policies

Mahon, Rianne & Beauvais, Caroline
Publication Date: 
1 Mar 2001
Entered Date: 
15 Mar 2001

Assessing community need for child care: Resource material for conducting community needs assessments

Martha Friendly
April 1994

This guide has been prepared to help communities identify their child care needs and appropriate child care services or policies to meet those needs. The material moves through the steps needed to plan, execute, and report the results of a needs assessment in the most efficient and effective way for your community.

Proceedings from the Child Care Policy and Research Symposium

Edited by Martha Friendly, Irene Kyle and Lori Schmidt.
Occasional paper 2

These proceedings from a one-day symposium on policy-relevant child care research was held at the Learned Societies meetings in 1991. Overviews of developmental psychology, sociology, and economics approaches to child care research as well as current Canadian research on school-age child care, family day care and a model for determining child care demand are presented.

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Child care for Canadian children and families

Martha Friendly, Laurel Rothman and Mab Oloman
Occasional paper 1

This paper, originally prepared for "Canada's children: The priority for the 90s: A national symposium" held by the Child Welfare League of America/Canada, Ottawa, October 27-30, 1991, describes Canada's child care arrangements and makes proposals for future developments.

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